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Related article: Date : Saturday, 13 October 17, 2007 22nd 27 -0700 ( PDT ) From: Jamie I do not know u003cjamiewhatnot388 yahoo. com u003e Subject: Ben -y- I n -1 Youngest Little Models Ben and I a (gay / youth / incest) By Jamie whatnot E -mail: jamiewhatnot388 yahoo. com ~ ~ V First, the boring stuff, but necessary... It is a fiction series stories gay sexual encounters are between siblings. If this is not your thing, or it is illegal to read this, where you are, then turn return. All constructive comments / suggestions are welcome, but Please keep your bigotry to yourself - the team can have a off and no one has forced witty. org look. Thank Youngest Little Models you. Copyright 2007 Jamie was not all. Copyright held by the author of this work. , I want to clarify something before you start, right? I never wanted n occur for one of the things that happened to me and Ben. I mean, after After all, he's my brother, right? It all started as a little innocent fun. Yes, some of us to start. My name is Chris and I havejust 18th I am tall as my father -. 6'2 "in my bare feet I'm blond, like Mama, , and built very solid. never My mom and dad really much notification, if I hit asked about the girls, is probably a good thing, because usually other guys I have spasms my 7 " cock. Like most kids my age, it's n usually semi -hard at the time, but the first sight of a cute guy and is there and drip. I entered puberty early. I only had about 10 or so when I realized that by stroked my hard cock, I could do something incredible feeling to sent electricity through my body right. I had a room with my younger brother, Chris, share, when we lived in our old house. I remember being awake, so at night after falling asleep, I was able to get under the sheets, my stiffy little out of my boxer and give it a great roll. One evening, shortly after my eleventh birthday, I was away in the dark if something went wrong ( or right). Because my - so far - dry orgasm tormented my young body, there was a sudden spasm that had never felt before n, , and suddenly I felt a wetness there. Now I should mention that I was a bit of a quiet child. I had some s computer nerd friends, but where we lived was on the ass of the world, so was not the usual sex - game in progress. Oh, my father had told him to mechanics of how babies were made in a book last year, but I did jerk n or nothing about sperm or something. In any case, the night it happened for the first time I was in the dark I think I did anything too hard straw and broke. In a panic I ran to the bathroom and pulled the rope light. You can not imagine my relief to find my dick and hand were not blood, but something else is covered entirely. Not the white goo that I had come ( no pun intended Youngest Little Models ) to find out and love so well in the years since then, but a kind of substance n clear, smooth. Youngest Little Models proud as anything, I crawled to the bedroom,Lastly, Ben, who was snoring gently, and slid under the covers. Since that night I wanked at least four or five a day. Still, though perhaps not as often. My brother Ben could not be more different from mine. First, have the of red hair I've ever seen. He is three years younger than me, about 5'8 ", but very thin. When my family moved a few years ago, we finally have our own room, but before I was thrilled to be with my frequent glances of the tail Ben, that even when I was 12, seemed to grow all share with the rest of it. I must admit that when we share a room and I hit puberty, I used a receding aware that my cock my younger brother is not at all drive or anything n -. although often not far from it - but only one flash n bit when I get out of bed and was putting his leg n my boxers, or returning after a shower. If all this were not bad enough, I always had a bita boy thing ' underwear. I do not know what it is, but I love it. There is no the night when I'm in bed thinking about my friends from high school was located cousins, etc, and what kind of underwear they wore, how the tail will receive periodic hard all day hidden. I have always been fighters - boxers Summaries day and cotton to rather sleep in. I've never seen anything other than Ben little panties - sometimes a bit too, if you know what I mean. It was a real problem if the mother brought home a couple of packages of projects that is actually installed without the base of his tail peeks out. My school was brilliant. After my love for children 's pants found Youngest Little Models in my eleventh year, I spent every moment I was in the locker room, faking an injury so often that a note to say about my mother, left would be not where I could enjoy my fetish to the max. As soon as my classmates were in the field or in the gym, I to start diggingenjoy the pockets for trousers. Of course, a lot of guys wearing pants below his sportswear, but sometimes you be the proud owner of an athletic n that a healthy dose of emerging testosterone would require them to show everyone else. This meant that the of boxers or written to lead them all morning is normally hidden in a side pocket. I grab and run to the bathroom, tearing my own gray flannel trousers, often before the fact in the cabinet. Once inside, I jumped from my writings tail Boxer and I would get pulled out a half hour in which, during the stage of my classmate s pants to the nose. This had to roll a heavy burden bowl toilet with a grunt. I thought a couple of times about the pants in the house n to me, but when they arrived the owners were not there and raised alarm, and me, probably the only suspect, that would not really n is a been a good idea. was two or three years ago, at age 15and Ben was just 12 when he began to notice him a little more than a brotherly light. I mean, idiot I was for about six months, and I knew he did and he knew I was doing that sometimes have to do it in the darkness of our room, but n each pretending that he could not hear the other. I knew the sound rhythmic sound of the hand against a blanket on the other side of the room was exciting for me, but I had no idea if Ben was always the same emotion. things really started a Saturday morning. I had awakened early, but decided to lay asleep in bed. I should be playing football, but he s has canceled the night before. Ben woke up shortly after me and after a few minutes, jumped out of bed his shirt and panties and went to the bathroom to pee. I was not to find help much, but I could not, the huge bulk in his pants while filling through the room. Ben has been out for a while and I was able to swim, listen along Youngest Little Models the corridor. Smirking me, I thought I would have the opportunity to use the in a fast, while I was alone, so I reached into my boxers and grab Youngest Little Models a s in my rebar. Fifteen minutes later, and despite some of my favorite idiot tried fantasies, I was still serious, but not nearly brings me the bag. Then, even when I thought I might get somewhere, the door opened and Ben walking with a bath sheet wrapped around his waist and his Night - wrinkled clothes in one arm tied. "in a certain place ? " " No, why ?" I asked. " You have a shower and his birthday was two weeks ago ! " I laughed. Ben moved me the finger and threw his clothes on me. I've won out of and landed in a heap on the floor between the beds. "I go to Youngest Little Models town with my Youngest Little Models mother to buy new clothes. " He said as he removed his dry and some clean underwear, white socks and a shirt from his drawer n. "Lucky " I chuckled, remembering my own business travel dreaded in whichwas ridiculed looking clothes and pulled and pushed in all ways. Ben was at my side, stepped in a fresh underwear, white. I was surprised by the size of my little brother tail, too soft, and I realized on the basis that some bright red hair. Ben pulled the jeans that had worn the day before and went to the door. "Later, losers ! " shouted and waved his finger back with me. I heard the bang, like a mother, and leave Ben. Our father has always worked Saturday morning, so I knew I was not going with what I had disturbed expected. I jumped up and looked through our extensive wardrobe. Youngest Little Models Except for the top shelf, where Ben could not reach, and hidden in a box of old comics, I I saved the magazine from newsstands in Asia two streets removed removed. I went to bed and pulled my boxers to his knees. My penis was is already thicker in the eyes of half-naked on the cover of rock n and remained almost against my navel I"As received pages in. page after page of semi -hard cock attacked my sense. Most of the models were so great that they had when they saw a Hard- ons anyway, and everyone seemed to be in his late teens with no hair n body much more, even to their land, where the hair had been cut save for next to nothing, that was not the first gay MAG had -. I threw a to find a partner in a cover in the previous year ( sudden attack of guilt by the owner of the s ?) and they were really hard core with mighty erections, boom corrugated holes and mouth full of cock and all n. through my fingers were always busy with the sticky end of my erect Willy. I would like to share my long foreskin pulled back behind the glans and No head was a deep purple, as my orgasm approached. away when I realized that the sock GAR sperm shot in the norm of in the basket clothes on the other side of the room near the door. I seeking a replacement. could have just concluded inmy boxer but I did not feel like sticky balls while I ate my breakfast. My eyes was crumpled heap on the clothes of Ben and I arrived and grabbed The first was on hand - his underwear... In this time I have gone so far that he had no need Youngest Little Models for the magazine and closed my eyes when I could feel the pressure building in my tight balls. With his free hand, grabbed my panties and ready to capture the Flying Spunk. Then something strange happened. In my eyes narrowed , I discovered cotton underwear in his hand was inside the holder, of which slightly discolored with my brother and pee pre -cum (and probably a cum bit too). Since the end of my own tail a great spot pre-cum or emergencies, which was dried over underwear for Ben. that s wet and shiny in cotton and had a sudden overwhelming urge a my own pre -cum taste. I carefully lifted the panties to her mouth and stuck his tongue is an n bit. That is, these were used bri my brotherI just wanted to lick SAI Crissake, but did not care. The taste was amazing. After licked cotton spotted for the first time I was hooked, as the biggest, most evil drug ever invented. Since the hand of my s moved faster on my cock, I buried my nose inhaled deep into his pants and. Ben scent was overwhelming, and only fueled my rage idiot. In seconds I could feel the cum rising in his balls, and before you know it, it was too late to do anything but lay back and let nature take Youngest Little Models its \\ \\ n course. My throbbing cock was making her jump recognizes dangerous n and jerk in my previous sessions. I wrapped my brothers Brief to the end and groaned as I n delivered a powerful force of teen cream in the crotch of my little brother 's writings. had created I closed my eyes and leaned back, my cock spasms continued wilting in the the moisture there. I smiled the biggest shit-eating grin ever realized what he had done. But at the same time, could not help, but onlya little guilty. is sticky underpants thrown into the laundry basket when I got out of bed y went to the shower. Coming out of our room, I suddenly had the strange feeling that is just the beginning of a wild adventure for me. secretly hoping that Ben eventually join me. To be continued... If you want to be added to a mailing list hidden (ie, no one e- n ) for the following chapters of this story, please email me.
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